Knotty Oak Baptist Church 2013
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Located in the heart of Coventry, the Knotty Oak Baptist
Church has stood as a beacon of hope for nearly two centuries
proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!  The community
of believers at the Knotty Oak Baptist Church has a genuine and
lasting desire to carry out a helpful spiritual ministry to the Town
of Coventry and its surrounding communities.  Anyone with
perceiving eyes and ears knows that some of the things afflicting
our community and its residents need serious and supernatural
At the Knotty Oak Baptist Church, we have determined
before God to increase our efforts to give God His rightful place in
our community.  We know, by our own collective experiences, and
by our confidence in God’s Word, the real difference that Christ
can make to an individual, a home and a commuity! 
This weekend, why not visit the Knotty Oak Baptist Church?
This Sunday we will gather for an exciting time of music and
ministry in our worship celebration!  Explore our website and find
Gods blessing and do your best to join us!  You will be glad you
For the Lord,
Pastor Chris
See What’s Happening
The Knotty Oak
Revival Hour!
@ 4:00 PM
WARV 1590 AM
The Knotty Oak
Revival Time!
@ 1:30(Cox 14)
  (Verizon 33)             
 @ 5:30(Cox 18)
Come Worship With Us!
Sundays @ 10:00 AM 
Sunday Eve @ 6:00 PM
Thursdays @ 6:30 PM
Men’s Bible Studies
Mondays @ 6:30 PM
Tuesday @ 10 AM
Ladies Bible Studies
Tuesday @ 6:30 PM
Wednesday@ 10AM
Knotty Oak Baptist Church
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