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Faithful Families Ministry by Robert Ferland
    My name is Robert Ferland and I have been married to my wife Sherri since November 25, 2000. We have had some major ups and downs since our marriage began, and through it all we have rejoiced together in times of joy and have remained committed to each other during the difficult times. For that, God has blessed us abundantly.

    We have two very beautiful, healthy, intelligent daughters, Kaleigh and Natalie. I had no idea, until these two children came into my life, that I had the capacity to love as much as I do. We make our home in Rhode Island and attend Knotty Oak Baptist Church, where I am one of several ministers charged with discipling teens.

    When I’m not working or in church, I’m doing just about anything else, as I have a vast number of interests that vary considerably. But my latest passion is taking my old website, and spinning this new blog off from it. On my old site you will find over 90 individual articles archived since 2008, the year I received my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Studies from Liberty University.

    My goal for this blog is to help, teach, and encourage people to first believe that Deuteronomy 5:29 can be achieved, and then, through detailed study of varying topics, equip them to apply God’s principles and precepts to their lives in order that they may receive that promise from God.

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