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Our Mission


    The Knotty Oak Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church incorporated under the laws of the state of Rhode Island for the purpose of fulfilling the plan of God for the local church as it is revealed in the New Testament. We not only believe the Bible, but seek to properly make a deep and thorough application of every precept therein. As such, the Knotty Oak Baptist Church seeks to glorify God in all that it does. This includes the church By-Laws, corporate worship, various ministries, social activities, teaching programs, church ordinances, and property maintenance. We believe that everything we do should be to the glory of God, with a particular focus on evangelism and discipleship. The Knotty Oak Baptist Church consequently seeks to be informal, yet reverent in its worship; thorough, yet practical in its preaching and teaching; Biblical, yet patient in its expectations for the believers. We believe that inward submission leads to outward obedience and that great emphasis should be placed on the development of the inner man through the Word of God. In view of the preceding principles, the Knotty Oak Baptist Church expects every member to be participating in the plan of God for the church, to do so with the proper motive, and to grow in Christian virtue, the knowledge of the Scriptures, the grace of God, the fruit of the Spirit, and in the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ, of, by, and through Whom are all things.

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